What Makes Lingerie Sexy To Wear

Lingerie can be either ugly or super sexy!

The truth is it all depends on your imagination and visual qualities. Now if you think of the undergarments of yesteryear, they were large and worn by your grandmother for comfort and not feeling mischievous.

Then came the era of the thong made with tiny scraps of material to cover your modesty. You had the g-string leaving your bottom wobbling while little triangles of lace virtually covered only the necessary parts. This left loads for the imagination and desires, but sometimes not always in a sexy manner meant to be.

Then the modern look without bearing too much took over the underwear world as one still need something left for the imagination. So how do you achieve the best results to make sure your lingerie is sexy to wear?

Achieve a Sexy Allure

As a wearer, you must pick your undergarments to flatter your shape but not let too much flesh show all at once. So you may wear a cupless Basque or even a shelf bra, but do not wear a transparent g-string as part of your outfit. Make sure to wear a body-shaping corset with a hint of burlesque to add some flair. By doing this, it adds some drama to your appearance and leads to naughtiness.

The Boxer

Gents it is time to put those baggy boxers away and start with a fresh approach. The brief is not form fitting enough for your woman to be sexy. The material around the thighs can allow for unfortunate glimpses showing what lies beneath, and the old-fashioned y-front is making a return. The truth is there are some great alternatives. They offer you potentially loads for the imagination as they are tight fitting and provide the best support. Plus they look super sexy.

Final Thoughts

As you can see what makes lingerie sexy is not only the design but also the material. Whether it is plain cotton, satin, lace, or silk, it looks much more sensual than wearing synthetic fabric that leaves the underwear in poor shape.

The critical thing to remember is less does not always allow for the best sex appeal. The significant thing is to get the human brain thinking as to what is on offer. Rather than offering up everything from the first look, leave something for the imagination as well.

That is what makes sexy underwear alluring.