Ten Annoying Things about Bras

Men are lucky when it comes to wearing clothes! Why would we say that? They do not need to wear a bra. Let us be honest—if you could go without one would you. The truth is that 90% of woman would prefer not wearing one, as it is annoying. Yes, the undergarment does give a lift to some outfits, but still, we hate them. Here are ten infuriating reasons we do not like about wearing a bra.

They Hurt

If you can find a bra with cups like cushions created by Gods, you are lucky, as the bra is restrictive and presses everything out of proportion. What do you do when you get home? You rip it off and enjoy the FREEDOM.

One of the Wires Break

Secondly, those annoying wires in some bras split. You walk in the street and suddenly the wire cracks leaving your boobs deflated.

How Much Metal is in the Bra?

Have you ever gone through the airport security test? You will learn the answer quickly as that metal detector starts screeching and bringing everyone to a halt. You will be left embarrassed and smile saying, “I have to wear this darn thing sorry!” Now you need to face a strip search.

The Cup is Too High

You are walking outdoors, and everyone is strolling at a fast pace. You stop and say sorry I cannot walk that fast. The fact is you are not wearing a sports bra— does make sense does it not. Alternatively, you may want to wear a cute dressy top but have never tried it with your bra. Now you face the problem of everyone seeing your bra as it is too high.

The Cup is Too Low

You are left with an eyeful as the bras too low—what a disaster!

The Tight Back Challenge

You bought a gorgeous dress to wear to a party, but never tried it with your bra. Neither did you look at the back and once on— Oh, my word, what is wrong with the back.

The 2nd Boob Problem

You put on the bra to find it is too tight. The problem you have a white shirt with a black bra to wear. What are the choices at least you are not stuck with the 2nd boob problem

Do You Have Eyes in The Back of Your Head

Can you see your back as the straps twisted? You may feel it, but luckily as a woman, we have perfected the technique of tying the bra without looking at the straps.

The Falling Strap

What is worse a too tight fitting bracer or a falling strap? There is nothing more annoying than the bra strap falling off your shoulder. Every time you need to stop and adjust your underwear for everyone to see—how charming!

Shopping for the right Bra

How many times have you looked at models with their perfect figure prancing around on the catwalk with sexy lingerie? You think to yourself, “Why do people not cater for bigger boobs.” Girls with smaller boobs always seem to have sexier underwear. Alternatively, your boobs look like little golf balls and head over to the teenagers clothing range to find a bra that fits.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, we cannot live without the bra and finding the perfect one is not always easy. Getting yourself measured for a perfect fit is embarrassing, but if you want to look great in your little number what else is there to do—you need to wear that bra. Alternatively, you can always have them custom made.