How to Give Your Lingerie the Best TLC

Have you recently invested your hard-earned money in buying the best lingerie online? To help preserve your lovely pieces of underwear and keep them in top condition it needs some tender loving care. With the right TLC, they will offer you the best mileage for more than a year.

However, before you follow the steps in taking care of the beautiful pieces of underclothing, we suggest you read the tags as well. Do not just go and snip them off as the washing and drying instructions important. The general rule is to wash them by hand, as it is the safest way.

On the other hand, reading the label can tell you load of things when it comes to the material. It could save you time and money.

Steps in Taking Care of Your Underwear

The critical step is to wash your lingerie before wearing them. The reason is for sanitary reasons even if they are brand new. You want to rid the fabric of chemical residue and helps prevent skin irritation and infections at the same time. Do the following:

  • Soak the undergarment for at least ½ an hour in a light detergent—depending on where you live the brands vary so best to pick a cleanser that dissolves quickly.
  • Mix the detergent with water before placing your bras and panties in the water.
  • Make sure the water and detergents mixed well as you do not want to end up with blotches on your new lingerie.

Another essential thing never mixes your light underwear with your darker ones. Do not be lazy and place them together in a tub, as you will be crying at the end. Also, make sure to remove any loose buckles or things that do not belong on the pieces of clothing before placing it in the washbowl.

Always wash padded areas carefully

The padded area is where the most sweat is trapped. You must make sure to clean that section thoroughly as it may give off a nasty rash when you wear them. Further, do not squash your bras padding when cleaning as it becomes deformed and out of shape.

You need to be gentle by placing the cup in the palm of your hand and use the other hand to press against the cup lightly. Now once you have completed the process of washing, you need to rinse away the detergent thoroughly as it can weaken the fabric leaving erosion with time.

Hang the lingerie up to dry

The best is to hang the underwear up to air dry. If you do not want an imprint of the peg on the garment, you can use the peg on the middle portion and straps. Never use the clothing peg on the full part of the cups.

Final Thoughts

By following the TCL steps, you can ensure your expensive investment will last a lifetime. If you prefer washing, your bras and thongs in the washing machine make sure to use a lingerie bag for washing and drying purposes. Once your undergarments are dry, you can stow them in their original shape to help preserve it. Never crunch them or fold them up, as it will destroy the form of the bra. You do not want to end up looking like you have extra nipples.