Five Reasons Why the Thongs is worth the Wedgies

Who does not love a thong! The underwear is sexy, while others feel the lace boy short is more sensual. Whether you find them mischievous or a pain in the butt, we can give you five reasons why the g-string is worth the wedgies. Do you own at least a pair of seamless thongs in a color that matches your lifestyle? If not here are the reasons why you should try one on:

There is No Panty Lines or Seams to Sit On

How many times have you worn full-butt underwear with full-skirted dresses and jeans? Many times, and what happens it leaves panty lines. Furthermore, if you need to sit for hours, the seams under the behind become a pain in the ass. You end up with a red impression on the skin from sitting all day. Wearing a thong prevents all this from happening.   

There is No Creeping Up of Panties or Wedgies

Whether you wear a pair of jeans or any other clothing, the full-butt underwear creeps up and bunches together. The truth is this does not happen with a thong as it stays in place. Compared to regular underwear they sit on the cheek, but when they cluster together, you wind up with an undergarment in your butt. The feelings uncomfortable and you need to find a discreet place to fix it.  

You Get NO Chafing or Butt Acne

As humans, we get pimples everywhere even on the bum. If you sit for hours, a day on the seams of the undergarment and start walking around the skin becomes abraded. Eventually, it causes friction to skin and becomes irritated. Wearing a loosely fitted panty may help, but hiding it under your clothes become a mission? Furthermore, when it becomes hot, and you start perspiring, they start rubbing against the skin causing chafing. The thong spares you of all the above annoying mishaps.

No Need of Buying New Sizes and Saves Space

As the thong has, less fabric, it does not shrink, and you do not outgrow it quickly. Wearing a low-rise lace thong allows you to wear them for a long time without changing the size. No matter whether you pick up or lose weight, they fit perfectly. Furthermore, you can buy different designs and colors, and they take up little space in the drawer.

The Thong is Comfortable

Once you get your hands on a pair that fits well and is comfortable, you will find they are much more comfy to wear than any other underwear. You cannot feel them at all compared to a full-butt laced panty. However, if you do find the thong is uncomfortable, the best is to buy a size or two bigger. Always remember the lingerie must fit comfortably on the hips and not dig in anywhere.  

Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen all the reasons as to why the thong works better than most other undergarments why not try a pair. You will not be disappointed! You can wear them with any clothing piece without leaving lines, giving you a wedgies’, and keeps your skin acne and chafe-free. Think of it this way you will always have a ponytail holder for emergencies to tie up your hair without anyone noticing.